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RF Viper

(Directed Energy)
Wrong-Way Drivers Beware.
Our technology is advancing the way we combat vehicles hazardously driving the wrong direction.

Directed Energy

RF Viper has been designed to combat wrong-way drivers but there is a whole world of solutions our systems can be applied.

Real World Testing

R&D is our number one priority as we continue to make progress in developing our technology. This video shows our technology shutting down a Mercedes driving the wrong way. Vehicles are disabled temporarily and not permanently damaged.


Our journey begins after we prove RF Energy is effective at stopping a moving vehicle.

June 25, 2020

Phase I Award 

  • Success stopping test vehicle at 20 mph

June 10, 2021

Phase II Award

  • Goal – stop test vehicle at 40 mph and design a working prototype


  • Success stopping test vehicles at 40 mph
  • Different makes/models

November - December 2021

Trigger System

  • Integration with Alert & Warn System (s)

August 2022

  • Traffic Research Board
  • Wrong-Way Driving Summit
  • Demonstrate working prototype


System Overview

RF Viper consists of proprietary antennas installed in the pavement, with RF Generators on the side of the ramp. 

When a WWD is detected, RF Viper sends electrical energy up, into the engine compartment, jamming the sensors and engine control unit, stopping the engine. 


Deaths each year are caused by wrong-way driver-related accidents. Deaths are up 34% since 2014. (source AAA March 2021)

Existing WWD systems

Existing systems include thermal cameras, lighted signs, flashing signs. These are limited to alerting and warning drivers. RF Viper physically stops the WWD on the ramp – before entering the freeway.


Tire spikes, gates, hydraulic barriers do not meet FHWA requirements.

We process complex data.

“..not just a business opportunity, you have a social responsibility for the successful development and commercialization of RF Viper.”

Andy Beran, Coach & Mentor
AZ Commerce Authority

RS Solutions Team

Jay Berens


Don Pegg

Phoenix Analysis, Design and Technology

Neil Berens

Operations Manager

Tyler Encinas


Jeff Wishart

Exponent Engineering

Jim Aberle PhD

RF Engineering

Vignesh Rajamani

Exponent Engineering

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