RF Viper Brief Introduction

RF Viper is a directed energy solution designed to save lives.

It is non-lethal and non-destructive.

Our first application is for Wrong-Way Drivers.

The system emits RF energy that jams engine electronics, incapacitating the vehicle without harmful effects to the transport or its occupants.

RF Viper is energized only when the target vehicles (e.g. wrong-way drivers) are in the area and within striking distance.

We received a Phase I SBIR for RF Viper in June 2020 from the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.

Our Progress

Phase I SBIR with Federal Highway Administration to develop RF Viper as a Wrong-Way Driving prevention system:

  • RF Viper stops engine in stationary vehicle – Success August 2020
  • RF Viper stops engine in a towed vehicle at 15 mph – Success October 2020
  • Institutional Review Board approves human driver for vehicle in tests of RF Viper – November 26, 2020
  • SolidWorks partners with RS Solutions for CAD/CAM software, training and support – December 2, 2020
  • RF Viper consistently stops engine in a vehicle traveling 20+ mph – Success December 12, 2020 – See video above.
  • Several State DOT’s express interest in testing RF Viper – pending

Phase II award received June 10, 2021.

Begin Phase II testing:

  1. Install RF Viper in test track roadway surface – June 2021
  2. Test RF Viper effectiveness on test track with moving vehicle at different speeds – July 2021

Our aim is to produce variations of RF Viper which will serve other applications.

RS Solutions – RF Viper

RS Solutions – RF Viper